SCSI Adapters, Connectors, and Gender Changers


The SCSI VUE Ultra SCSI Adapters, Connectors, and Gender Changers are designed with quality and reliability as their main features. Components such as each contact having a Beryllium Metal Base plated with 30u” of Gold.

a Beryllium Metal
Base plate with
30u” of Gold.

Other features include the use of Nano Flex Connectors that pierce each wire in four places rather than two like most other connectors. This added protection guarantees great contacts and added reliability. Termination components also make a difference in quality and Granite uses only Active Negated, High Precision Terminators. The cost might be more but the results speak for themselves. Only the best and forget the rest!

Custom Configurations
Ultra SCSI Compatible
Fault Tolerant
Lifetime Warranty

Patented Nano FlexConnectors
are used on most assemblies
Features and

TRIPLE PRONGED CONNECTORS:Provides 4 points of contact with cable for higher reli- ability & 30u” of gold on each contact

Stronger more reliable contacts and connectors

30u” gold on contacts and 3u” on most connector shells

Models offer indicators that Termination Power is being supplied properly

Termination is supplied using high precision Active Negated Terminators for Ultra Fast operation

68 Wide Drive to 50 Pin IDC Adapter w/ Active Termination
Now you can buy a 68 Pin Wide Drive and use it with the standard 50 Pin SCSI Bus. This adapter transfers all the proper signals and Actively Terminates those that are not being used .Green LED indicates termination power is being supplied properly. Works with all 68 pin SCSI Drives and most 68 pin Controller Cards. Convert your 3940UW 68 pin internal connector to a 50 pin IDC. Now you can run a narrow 50 pin SCSI Bus and cable on many controlles that don’t support 50 pin
5275 68 Pin Drive to 50 Pin IDC male-male

80 SCA Drive to 50 Pin IDC & 68 Pin MicroD w/ Active Termination
80 SCA Drive to 50 Pin IDC & 68 Pin MicroD The new SCA drives need to have an adapter that allows them to connect to either 50 pin SCSI buses or 68 pin SCSI buses. Our adapter does both and also supplies termination, SCSI id pins, DC Power connection, and regulated performance. Works with all 80 pin SCA drives.
4980 80 Pin SCA to 50IDC/68MicroD
6980 80 Pin SCA to 50IDC *no term.
5325 80 Pin SCA to 68MicroD *no term.

68 Wide Converter to 50 Centronics or to 50 MicroD
Now you can buy a 68 Pin Wide Controller and use it with the standard 50 Pin SCSI Drives or any external 50 Pin SCSI Peripheral. This adapter transfers all the proper signals and optionally Actively Terminates those that are not being used. Read Controller Cards owner manual to see if it terminates 50 pin ext.

6006 68 Pin MicroD to 50 Pin Centronics
2065 68 Pin MicroD to 50 Pin Cent. w/Term.
4945 68 Pin MicroD to 50 Pin MicroD
2305 68 Pin MicroD to 50 Pin MD w/Term.
6999 68 Pin MicroD to 50 Pin Internal IDC Drive.

50 MicroD or 25 Apple to 50 Centronics Adapter
Now its easy to change from the “High Density” 50 Pin MicroD or the 25Apple connector to the larger and more common 50 Pin Female Centronics type connector. If your controller card, computer or your external drive case uses 50 pin MicroD or 25 pin Apple this Adapter works.

3094 50 Pin MicroD to 50F Pin Cent.
2400 25 Pin Apple to 50F Pin Cent.
6990 25 Pin Apple to 50M Pin Cent.

50 Centronics to (2) 50 Centronics Tee Adapter
The T-Adapter is the perfect solution for devices that only have one connector. Now you can daisy chain or properly terminate the SCSI Bus.
2418 T-Adapter 1-50 Cent to 2-50 Cent.
2660 T-Adapter 1-50 MD to 2-50 MD
1800 T-Adapter 1-68 MD to 2-68 MD

Custom Gender Changers and Custom Assemblies
Granite Digital has the ability to make any custom cable assembly or adapter. We offer many standard designs and virtually any conceivable design. Our custom cable department is fast and efficient with usual lead times of one day! Granite quality guarantees the perfect solution.
Gender Changers These Gender Changers allow you to extend cable by connecting them together or change the gender so that you canconnect different items.
4340 25F Pin Apple to 25F Apple
6150 25M Pin Apple to 25M Apple
1780 50F Pin Cent. to 50F Pin Cent.
2656 50F Pin MicroD to 50F MicroD
3505 68F Pin MicroD to 68F MicroD
25F Pin Apple Adapters50 Pin Adapters