SCSI Preventative Maintenance

The SCSI Bus is a wonderfully versatile bus system that allows a large variety of devices to beattached to any computer. With this versatile bus structure there are a few things that will helpmaintain trouble free operation. Hard Drives The most common problems experienced with hard drives are: *Software corruption. A programhas crashed and taken … Read more

SCSI Glossary

Access Time: The time it takes for a disk drives head to reach a sector after theissuance of a read or write command. Command overhead + seektime + latency = access time. Address: (SCSI) The ID number of a target or host on the SCSI Bus. Must bebetween 0 – 7, and no two devices … Read more

How To Find and Correct SCSI Problems

Diagnosing SCSI problems is best done in a logical fashion. It is next to impossible to figure outexactly what is causing a problem if you have everything connected… so the best way to diagnose aproblem is to simplify your test setup. This is done by disconnecting everything and starting with onlyone device connected. Working with … Read more

How to Use the SCSI Vue Cables

Cabling is one of the most critical issues associated with good data-transfer on the SCSI Bus. Formany years suppliers have been able to sell inexpensive non-shielded cables into the market withgood success. The reason for this is that SCSI was originally very slow, especially in comparisonwith today’s blistering SCSI speeds. Since data- transfers were happening … Read more

How to Use the SCSI Vue Terminator

Not only is the Diagnostic Terminator the best ACTIVE Terminator on the market, it is also adiagnostic analyzer that indicates where SCSI problems originate. The Active DiagnosticTerminator is a diagnostic tool that can save you countless hours when diagnosing your SCSIsystem. The four indicator LEDs show you what is happening on the SCSI Bus at … Read more

The Basics of SCSI Cabling

The SCSI specification states that 6 meters (20 feet) is the maximum total length of a standard SCSIdaisy chain. But, what is sometimes not taken into consideration are the added lengths of wire thatare inside most SCSI sub-systems. If you use 9 inches as an average length, with seven devicesattached, you would be left with … Read more

SCSI Adapters, Connectors, and Gender Changers

SCSI ADAPTERS / CONNECTORS. The SCSI VUE Ultra SCSI Adapters, Connectors, and Gender Changers are designed with quality and reliability as their main features. Components such as each contact having a Beryllium Metal Base plated with 30u” of Gold. a Beryllium MetalBase plate with30u” of Gold. Other features include the use of Nano Flex Connectors … Read more