Ultra SCSI Cases

CUSTOM RAID / ARRAY CASES The SCSI VUE Ultra SCSI Cases are the best external Array or Raid Enclosures available on the market. These Enclosures allow you to chain up to 15 Ultra SCSI devices on one channel! Cases costing up to three times more expensive can not offer the same level of performance. The … Read more

Digital SCSI ECHO Repeater

The SCSI VUE Digital SCSI ECHO Repeater makes it possible to extend the SCSI cabling up to three times its original Limit. all signals arecleaned andregenerated in theECHO Repeater The SCSI ECHO Repeater provides all of the digital functions and signals for SCSI 1, SCSI 2, and SCSI 3 narrow or wide interfaces. With our … Read more

Digital SCSI Cable Tester

The SCSI VUE Digital SCSI Cable Tester makes it possible to test your SCSI cabling for open, shorted, and unreliable operation. all lines are testedfor open, short,and unreliableoperation with theSCSI Tester The SCSI Cable Tester provides an affordable way to quickly test the operation and reliability of any SCSI cable. With its bright LED readout … Read more

SCSI Internal Cable

The SCSI VUE Teflon Flat RibbonCables are the best internal cables availableon the market. With both dielectric andcrosstalk properties that are far superior toPVC. With the perfect impedance (90 ohms).Teflon is the best material for Fast andUltra SCSI Bus. it provides exactlywhat the SCSI busneeds and improvesperformance Using a patented 3 prong Gold Connector System,the … Read more

SCSI External Cable

The SCSI VUE Gold DiagnosticsSCSI Cable offers the highest data transferpotential for any SCSI Bus while eliminatingerrors. The extra shielding, gold contacts,gold connectors and extra heavy duty wireprotect your data. the hightest data transferpotential for any SCSI Buswhile eliminating errors The heart of the cable is a unique designthat includes: Gold Diagnostic Cables50 Pin Centronics50 … Read more

The Basics of SCSI Termination

Since its inception over 10 years ago the SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) has evolved intoa popular industry standard. With this evolution, performance has been improved by a factor of overten fold. Data transfer rates now approach 40 MBytes/Second, but with this increase in performanceit becomes crucial to use only the best quality cables and … Read more

SCSI Switch

The SCSI VUE Solid State SCSI SwitchRepeater makes it possible to share SCSIperipherals between two computers, or tohave two banks of peripherals connected toone computer. all signals are cleanedand regenerated inthe SCSI Switch The SCSI Switch provides all of the digitalfunctions and interfaces for SCSI 1 andSCSI 2 devices including CD-ROM, Tape,Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, … Read more