Digital SCSI ECHO Repeater

Digital SCSI ECHO Repeater

The SCSI VUE Digital SCSI ECHO Repeater makes it possible to extend the SCSI cabling up to three times its original Limit.

all signals are
cleaned and
regenerated in the
ECHO Repeater

The SCSI ECHO Repeater provides all of the digital functions and signals for SCSI 1, SCSI 2, and SCSI 3 narrow or wide interfaces. With our super fast regeneration of the SCSI signals (7ns-15ns) you can connect up to 2 ECHO Repeaters to the SCSI Bus. Ultra SCSI is also supported, eliminating the short cable length limitations while improving on the signal quality and reliability.

Solid-State Digital
SCSI Repeater / Cable Extender
Ultra Fast Operation
Signal Regeneration
Active Negation Termination
Repeater Board
Echo Repeater Products
Features and

Terminates the SCSI Bus, regenerates the SCSI signals and sends them out again; doubling the cable Length and rejuvenating the SCSI Bus.

SCSI 1-2-3:
Models available for all SCSI Bus styles. Both 50 and 68 pin are supported, including ULTRA SCSI 40MB/s

Simply install the repeater into an existing SCSI Chain and transmission and noise problems disappear.

LED Display:
Diagnoses SCSI Bus activity. Indicates where problems originate.

Supplied to SCSI Bus.
-Active Negation
Termination: Both input and output are Actively Terminated.

Commerical Digital Repeater
OEM Digital Repeater
Now Ultra SCSI Compatable

Diag 1 - How To Connect RepeatersDiag 2 - How To Connect Repeaters
Extends SCSI cable length and fixes most SCSI Bus problems.
The ECHO Repeater can be used in a variety of methods. As a cable extender, up to three ECHOs can be connected together giving you over 60’ of total cable length. The ECHO Repeater simply plugs into the SCSI Bus and REFRESHES & RENEWS the SCSI Signals. Works up to 20 MB/s in narrow and 40 MB/s in wide. Above Right – The ECHO Repeater is being used as a signal regenerator allowing what was once an unstable SCSI bus to be RENEWED and now it operates flawlessly.
Internal OEM Versions For Custom Solutions

The Internal OEM version is designed to mount into any Tower enclosure of Computer case where it can be easily adapted to go in-line on your scsi cable chain. Doubles the cable length and rejuvenates the scsi signals.