Digital SCSI Cable Tester

The SCSI VUE Digital SCSI Cable Tester makes it possible to test your SCSI cabling for open, shorted, and unreliable operation.

all lines are tested
for open, short,
and unreliable
operation with the
SCSI Tester

The SCSI Cable Tester provides an affordable way to quickly test the operation and reliability of any SCSI cable. With its bright LED readout you can tell if there are open, shorted, or unreliable wires in your cable. Each LED is numbered so that you can tell exactly where the fault lies.

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SCSI Tester / Cable Integrity
Ultra Fast Cable Compatible
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Allows you to test the cable integrity of any SCSI cable. Designed to show, shorted Lines, open Lines, and unreliable operation.SCSI 1-2-3:Models available for all SCSI Bus styles. Both 50 and 68 pin are supported, including ULTRA SCSI cables. Custom adapters are also available for any tester.Locates Cable Faults:
Simply plug your cable into the two connectors on the SCSI Cable Tester, press the test switch, and check the Led display for proper operation.LED Display: :
Diagnoses SCSI Bus Lines, if the Line is operating properly the Led will be dim, if the Line is shorted with another Line the two Leds will be bright, its that simple.

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