SCSI Internal Cable

The SCSI VUE Teflon Flat Ribbon
Cables are the best internal cables available
on the market. With both dielectric and
crosstalk properties that are far superior to
PVC. With the perfect impedance (90 ohms).
Teflon is the best material for Fast and
Ultra SCSI Bus.

it provides exactly
what the SCSI bus
needs and improves

Using a patented 3 prong Gold Connector System,
the SCSI Vue Teflon Flat Ribbon is the most
reliable internal cable available for for SCSI.
The connector actually makes contact with each
wire in four Locations, offering twice the security
of standard connectors.

Perfect Impedance
3 Pronged Connectors
GOLD Contacts

Internal Cable Products
Features and

Highest Quality SCSI Cable.
Perfect 90 Ohms Impedance


Provides 4 points of contact
with cable for higher
reliability & 30u” gold
on each contact

Stronger more reliable
contact and connectors

30u” gold on contacts and


90 ohms

.095db per meter max at 5MHz

230 ohms per meter maximum

30 AWG on High Density (.025)
& 28 AWG on Low Density (.050)

50 Pin .050 Teflon Cable

50 Pin .050 Teflon Cable

68 Pin .025 Teflon Cable

68 Pin .025 Teflon Cable
 All Cables Are Custom
Built To Your Specifications Always the perfect fit for your particular application.

SCSI Vue Gold Teflon Flat Ribbon Replacement Cables

These internal Teflon Flat Cables with Gold Connectors are the finest cables on the market. The connectors use a patented design to guarantee better data transfers and connectivity. The perfect solution for Fast SCSI-2 & Fast 20.

SCSI Vue Gold Teflon Flat Ribbon Custom Cables

The components listed below allow you to custom design any cable. You simply pick your parts (see example below) and send us a diagram of how you want them connected. Now you can have a custom cable in a snap!

SCSI VueGoldCustom Cables – Ordering Details

Custom Cables Available In One Day!
Key - Cable Connectors 50 Pin IDC Connector
for .050Teflon or PVC cable.
 Granite Digital offers the unique service of custom cables in one day. If you do not find the cable you need in the above list, you can have a special cable made.

Two common custom cables are shown below. We have added a connector to the far right end of each cable so that our High Precision Active Terminator can be attached to the end of the cable.

The advantages of doing this is that you now no longer have to worry about terminating the drives. If you add or subtract drives it becomes a simple matter of setting the SCSI ID and making sure the terminator is removed or turned off. The other advantage is that our Active Terminator is a matched fit for our 90 Ohm Impedance cables. Using them guarantees the best possible data transfers and the highest reliability. Also note that our 68 pin cable can have 50 pin adapters attached. See picture to the left.
Key - Cable Connectors50 Pin Centronics Connector
for .050 Teflon or PVC cable.
Key - Cable Connectors50 Pin IDC Connector Assembly
to (50) .025 Teflon or PVC cable.
Key - Cable Connectors50 Pin MicroD Connector for .025
Teflon or PVC cable. This conn. is
for chassis mount.
Key - Cable Connectors68 Pin MicroD (F) Connector
for .050 Teflon or PVC cable.
Key - Cable Connectors68 Pin MicroD (M) Connector
for .050 Teflon or PVC cable.
Key - Cable Connectors50 Pin IDC Connector Assembly
to (68) .025 Teflon or PVC cable.
50 PIN .050 Cable Diagram 68 PIN .026 Cable Diagram

50 Pin Cable Construction Hints:
Start measuring from the SCSI Host Adapter. Connectors are facing you, watch for orientation, notches right or left.
(note that most drive notches face upwards but some don’t. If possible leave 12″ between drives so that you can reverse the connector if necessary) If you want the connectors to be attached in both directions (top and bottom)
you must also draw a side sketch showing their orientation. Make things slightly longer. (nothing worse than a cable that is a little short)

Additional Considerations: for 68 Pin Cables:
Try to keep all lengths as similar as possible, and do not go shorter than
6″. There is a property called Reflection and it can cause a problem if the
drives are too close together. 12″ is the optimum length between drives.
An example:
50IDC-18-50IDC-12-50IDC-12-50IDC-12-50IDC-350C. (notches=R)