SCSI External Cable

The SCSI VUE Gold Diagnostics
SCSI Cable offers the highest data transfer
potential for any SCSI Bus while eliminating
errors. The extra shielding, gold contacts,
gold connectors and extra heavy duty wire
protect your data.

the hightest data transfer
potential for any SCSI Bus
while eliminating errors

The heart of the cable is a unique design
that includes:

Led Diagnostic Indicator
Gold Contacts and Connectors
Triple Shielding / Ferrite Beads
Extra Heavy Gauge Wire / Twisted

Gold Diagnostic Cables
50 Pin Centronics
50 Pin MicroD
68 Pin MicroD Wide

External Cable Products
Features and

Shows Cable’s Data Integrity


Controls Cross talk and
RFI noise interference.
Faster performance with less


Higher data transfer:
a Quality construction

20u” gold Digital Active


90 to 132 ohms depending
upon cable length

.095db per meter max at 5MHz

DC Resistance:
230 ohms per meter maximum

Conductor Size:
26AWG on 20Pin &
28 AWG on 68 Pin
 25Pin Apple to
50Pin MicroD

25Pin Apple to 50pin MicroD
 25Pin Apple to
50Pin Centronics

25Pin Apple to 50Pin Centronics
 50Pin to 50Pin

50Pin to 50Pin Centronics
 50Pin to 50Pin

50Pin to 50Pin MicroD
 50Pin MicroD to
50Pin Centronics

50Pin MicroD to 50Pin Centronics
 68Pin to 68Pin

68Pin to 68Pin MicroD
 68Pin to 50Pin

68Pin to 50Pin Centronics
 68Pin to 50Pin

68Pin to 50Pin MicroD
 68Pin MicroD to
68Pin .8mm

68Pin MicroD to 68Pin .8mm

Selected cables available in lengths form 8 inches to 30 feet.
Custom lengths available upon request. Many cables now availabel in Teflon. See price list for details

Exclusive SCSI VueTeflonUltra Cables are

The BEST SCSI Cables You Can Buy!
Ultra SCSI is FAST! With a specified burst rate of 40MB/s this new SCSI standard is an advancement in technology that rivals that of the processor itself. Imagine your hard drives screaming at near memory speeds; its fantastic.With this increase in performance it is necessary to cable and terminate the SCSI bus with new materials. Granite’s new line of Teflon Cables with Silver Wire take on the demanding quality issues associated with Ultra SCSI. Our cables are exactly 90 ohms impedance which is what the SCSI specification requires, other cables can range from 130-150 ohms impedance which is way off the specification. Teflon also has much higher dielectric and crosstalk properties. These properties make it a much better insulator and reduces the signal to noise ratios. The Silver wire is a better conductor than the industry standard copper. Silver also achieves the important 90 ohm impedance. Finally combine these materials with our exclusive (cable in a cable) design where we separately foil, drain, and shield the Acknowledge and Request lines in the center of the SCSI cable and you have the best cable available for Ultra SCSI! Free Technical Support and a Lifetime warranty continue our tradition of the best products available for the SCSI Bus.